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About us

Marose Jewels is the presentation of a vast array of iconic creations, instigated by inspirational thinking, long in gestation.

My name is Thelma Wusi-Porter and I aim to enthrall you with Sterling Silver crafted to perfection. My passion and interest for jewels have been crucial in the development of Marose Jewels. The company was founded in 2014 and it specialises in silver jewelry. We sell unique, artful and authentic Sterling silver jewelry as well as watches and branded perfumes. The company is based in the UK and now actively conducts its business online.

I have always been fascinated by the power and the magic of jewelry – silver jewelry in particular. As a child, the stories, the pictures, the feel, the look and the aura of the infinite variety of designs I came across, truly captivated me. Numerous historical points of reference tell us that from olden days to modern times, jewelry has always been with us. Sterling silver especially, has been central to the body of base metals used to adorn both sexes throughout the ages for protection, for signals, for aesthetic pleasure and as status symbols.

In today’s world of expressions and symbols, Silver jewelry can be worn to capture a rainbow of moods. When precious stones are added, a kaleidoscope of possibilities becomes eminently apparent.

They say ‘Beauty’ is in the eyes of the beholder – so, welcome my friends. I invite you to scan through the pages and behold the exotic pieces of jewelry, watches and branded perfumes on display. The collection of jewelry is the work of specialist craftsmen and women using intricate precision and skill to transform sterling silver grains into valuable pieces of sheer art. This backdrop enables us to deliver exquisite products and superb services to every one of our clients.

Here at Marose Jewels, we guarantee that every item we sell is purposely chosen to awaken your senses, tease your discernment and invigorate your soul. There is something here for everyone and every occasion. These pieces will amaze and thrill you. They will give you the freedom to make as silent or as loud a statement as your fancy takes you. Whenever and wherever you adorn them, they can convey what you stand for, who you are and how you want the world to see you. Basing our operations online has enabled us to not only bring you huge savings; we are also able to make every item in our unique collection, accessible to you, every minute of every day and night.

People will stare – Marose Jewels gives you the opportunity to give them something stunning to look at!

Thelma Wusi-Porter


Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Marose Jewels Ltd

June, 2015.