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Our Experience

Our Beginnings

And what better way to always look ultramodern, elegant and unique than with the most sophisticated pieces of handmade silver jewelry from Marose Jewels? We are a fast-growing silver jewelry company that offers a range of exquisite products, extracted from a high quality sterling silver base.

Marose Jewels is headquartered in Ruislip, United Kingdom. The concept of a sterling silver jewellery collection emerged a long time ago. In 2014 the thinking and planning came to fruition and we were at last ready to go to market. Eversince, we have been providing precious pieces of jewellery to our trusted customers. By offering genuine jewelry and standing behind our products’ unmatched combination of quality, durability and affordability; we have carved out a path to success.

Our Aspirations And Ultimate Mission

Since our initial foray into the global market, our raison d’être has been to provide 21st century men and women up-to-the minute solutions that enhance their couture and help them to look remarkable all the time and everywhere. This is the driver behind every carefully designed piece of handmade silver jewelry from our splendid portfolio of products.

Marose Jewels is not just in business to sell its products. Our overriding pride comes from our customers’ satisfaction. Knowing that we have helped every one of our clients to feel good about our products and ultimately about themselves, is worth gold to us. We constantly strive to keep our esteemed customers comprehensively satisfied with exceptional customer service and after-sales support. It is only through this approach we believe we can earn our customers’ loyalty.

Every part of our business is structured to ensure that shopping with Marose Jewels means shopping for purity, integrity and value. We know that in the jewelry trade, real value is very easily discerned. We therefore promise you that our principles and basic philosophy guarantee you nothing less than very real value at affordable prices.

Our specialist team of silver jewelry experts is perennially seeking new ways to become even more unique in the sector and take the standards of craftsmanship and delivery to much higher levels. Marose Jewels can be relied on to satisfy your quest for that chic and modern look.

Affordability is another guiding principle for all aspect of our work. Very few jewelry companies combine superior quality with ‘easy on the pocket’ prices. Interestingly, this is what Marose Jewels stands for exactly. We strongly believe quality is not compromised by the absence of a heavy price tag. Based on this belief, we pass on the maximum cost advantage to our customers. This affords them the freedom to make Marose Jewels their ultimate one-stop destination for all their silver jewelry needs.

Our Experience And Expertise

Marose Jewels’ exotic products and exemplary services are dedicated to establishing our reputation and authority through offering the finest quality silver jewelry on the market. Our knowledge of silver has been developed and is continuously built upon, through worldwide collaborative projects and focused activities carried out with the world’s experts in the silver industry. The most genuine ideas and state of the art designs inspire the creation of every single item in our collection. We can proudly state that every piece of jewelry found in our priceless silver selection, is handmade by talented artisans, with immense love and unparalleled attention to detail. We strongly believe that our knowledge and expertise in silver jewelry have helped immeasurably, in affording us a competitive edge and a reputable position on the silver sales market.

All of our products meet the highest silver jewelry standards. The biggest proof of this assertion is the number of satisfied customers we have so far on record, along with numerous recognition by experts. In other words, the key to our success is based on four core principles:

Promoting the highest range of quality silver;
Providing comprehensive customer service;
Insisting on exemplary after-sales support;
Continuously enriching our product knowledge.

Our Portfolio Of Products

Since we wanted to grow into a one-stop online silver jewelry destination, where customers can satisfy all their silver jewellery needs for a complete head-to-toe look; we have made available a phenomenal selection of sterling silver pieces on the Web. These are accessible all day, every day on our website, selective social media and our dedicated App. The vast range in our growing catalogue is displayed across 12 categories. So, you can shop at Marose Jewels for the most amazing and unusual bangles, bracelets, chains, cuff links, designer perfumes, earrings, matching sets, men’s jewelry, necklaces, pendants, rings and watches.

Please note that all of our silver products are made out of the highest grade of original sterling silver. All our items are verified and registered by the Assay Office in London to International standards and to prove their authenticity. If you have a passion for real sterling silver, you can be assured that each item bought from us, is an absolute genuine article and is worthy of taking pride of place in your personal collection.

Why Choose Us?

Although by now we believe the answers to this paramount question have become apparent, we also consider it our duty to share with you that we simply adore silver and what we do is much more than a job – it is living a dream.

Asking us to serve you will make us immensely happy; because you will be giving us the opportunity to make you happy. When you confirm you are happy we become even happier and we would want you to forever be happy with us; so we take our relationships with our customers extremely seriously and we work hard at it. As simple as that.

You may be a silver jewelry enthusiast; you may be just browsing, looking for that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’; or perhaps a gift for that special someone in your life. Marose Jewels welcomes everyone! We stock eye-catching silver jewellery pieces of the subtle, rough, smooth or unvarnished variety to markedly enhance sartorial elegance or chime smoothly with casual wear. There is always something for everyone and Marose Jewels is open for business.

Help us to share with the world, the magic, the potency and the elegance of Sterling silver.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” Paulo Coelho.