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Good-looking, sterling silver is so eye-captivating that the chances of immediately falling in love with it are incredibly high. Silver is probably the most popular metal used for making jewellery. This is not an accident. It is immaculate and pristine when compared to other precious metals.

Most outfits can look stunning with a pair of chic sterling silver earrings. Elegant silver necklace and bracelet can also exquisitely complete an outfit and set off the perfect finishing touch. That is why silver is growing in popularity in modern times for that special night out, important business meeting or just to create that ultra chilled relaxed mood – sterling silver will always be a powerful magnet for everyone’s eye.

So, for the stylish and discerning woman or man, silver jewellery can never be a ‘wrong choice’. Yes – you can always depend on your reliable silver ally to help you positively transform your looks and turn on the charm.

In return, this finest of all the planet’s precious metals requires proper care and maintenance. This is because silver is prone to tarnish, which makes it challenging to maintain its beauty and luminescence.

Having invested in your precious silver jewellery, you do not want to see it lose its lustre. So, to maintain the sheen and beauty of each item of sterling silver jewellery in your collection, take a look below at our DIY tips on cleaning, maintenance, storage and protection.

1. How And When To Wear Your Silver Jewellery.

Silver complements every outfit for every occasion; however, it is advisable to avoid wearing your favourite pieces at certain times. For instance, when performing manual tasks, like gardening, cleaning, cooking and other common activities that expose the jewellery to dangerous chemicals and cleaning fluids.

You should take off your sterling silver when going swimming or heading for the Spa, as sometimes the chlorinated water can affect the jewellery’s colour. Do also consider taking them off before a shower or bath.

Cosmetics and perfumes often contain strong chemicals. It is therefore recommended that you put your silver jewellery items on, only after applying your perfume and make up.

2. Ideal Cleaning Options For Your Silver Jewellery.

All the research carried out so far indicates that maximum results are achieved through cleaning silver items with special silver jewellery polishing cloths. These are specially formulated to profoundly clean silver without leaving any scratches, like tissues and paper towels usually do because of their rough fibre content.

Another option is to buy special products, like commercial cleaners that will efficiently clean your silver jewellery or you can make your own cleaning solution.

The most popular homemade silver cleaning solution is ‘salt bath’. All you need is two cups of hot water, one tablespoon of salt and strips of aluminium foil. Add the tablespoon of salt to the two cups of water in a bowl, then thoroughly mix the solution. Next, add the aluminium strips with the jewellery into the mixture. The chemical reaction between the silver and the aluminium in a salt solution is simply magical. It fights tarnish and leaves the silver looking bright and shiny. It is recommended that you leave the the jewellery in the solution for only 5 to 10 minutes. Take the jewellery out and rinse thoroughly in cold water, then gently dry out completely with a soft cloth. This method is simple, fast and cost-free.

And if you are too busy, or do not want to risk damaging your valuable jewellery, you always have the option of turning to the services of the professional silver cleaners. High Street jewellery stores often offer this service.

3. Storing Your Silver Jewellery.

You also need to safely store your silver jewellery. After cleaning it, ensure that it is completely dry before attempting to store it. This is very important for preventing the jewellery from getting tarnished. It is probably best to keep all your jewellery items separate and if possible, store them in a fabric-lined jewellery box. An additional precaution is to put silver anti-tarnish strips in the storage container. This ensures that the hazardous oxidants, which tarnish and discolour silver jewellery, will be completely absorbed.

If you are preparing for a trip, the perfect way to store your lovely silver jewellery, is to use special fabric or leather boxes that will fully protect it from getting damaged while travelling. Nowadays, jewellery travel cases are growing in popularity. They are often compact in size and can fit perfectly into most business suitcases, makeup cases and the majority of common suitcases.

4. Protect Your Silver Jewellery.

Silver is a valuable material and can be a common target of thieves. So, why not turn to the services of a reputable and experienced jewellery insurance company to protect your most significant pieces of silver jewellery. Having your jewellery protected every day will give you peace of mind, even in the most undesirable situations. We would therefore urge you to actively consider protecting your jewellery investment.